Goldfish Warning! 17 Annex
Gyopi-chan Cutely Angry

February 3, 2007 – GfW17 Annex: Gyopi-chan Cutely Angry

Did you notice this?

Aoi, shocked and panicked, draws Gyopi without even knowing what he is doing.

Gyopi notices the poorly drawn portrait of himself. Unhappy with that picture, he puffs up his cheeks here. This scene is shorter than one second, so check it carefully.

The reason Aoi is not good at swimming is not explained in this episode. Nekobe Neko gave a short explanation about it in the original manga (Episode 5, Gyopi-chan Kiki Ippatsu). When he was 8, Aoi almost drowned in the swimming pool, and since then he is fearful of water... It's not simply that he can't swim. Maybe that's why he is acting really weird after Chitose said she would build a school swimming pool. On the other hand, probably Gyopi, a super goldfish who can fly and swim, has never dreamed that some people actually can't swim.

It might be logical that Aoi is "attacking" Gyopi subconsciously, by drawing an ugly picture of him ^^; (Yes. inferior complex...)

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